You Pick


Dime & Regal – Grand Rapids, MI | March 4 – March 25, 2016

Gita Pita – Grand Rapids, MI | April 9, 2016

In exploring healthy lifestyle themes as a creative and consumer, I see fruits and vegetables as freshly interesting in texture and color, as well as their personalities from the varying environments they grow in. In college as I was training for half-marathons, I became more conscious of what my body was consuming. I also did a case study on farm-to-table communities around Grand Rapids and was able to speak with people about the amazing process and benefits of consuming sustainable and fresh produce.

You Pick explores a series of my favorite fruits and vegetables painted on canvas using oil paint and a hint of walnut oil. My work represents my lifestyle pushing for a steady diet that includes fruits and vegetables. Socially, I can develop relationships with friends and family based on creating and sharing healthy food dishes. Personally, there is a blend of two great things that makes me relaxed, happy and positive: cooking in my kitchen and creating in my studio. I connect what I eat with what I put on canvas and paper.

In comparison with a scene from the Disney movie, Ratatouille, I can eat a fruit or vegetable and envision fireworks, color bursts and tunes of joy. This is a feeling I strive to experience every meal, every day. I made beet hummus this past summer and the color that resulted from the combination of beets and hummus was as beautiful as the flavor. Another visionary example was cucumber water I had during lunch after seeing an exhibit in Chicago by Doris Salcedo. The cucumber water was a brisk, refreshing complement to the vivid installation show.

While each painting is a fruit or vegetable, the difference between all of them are in the experiences I’ve had with each. Painted with the same three brushes and color palette, these works navigate through the journey of maintaining a healthy and artistic lifestyle.