Gallant Gardens Logo


Gallant Gardens, Charlevoix, MI

00324 Marion Center Road, Charlevoix, MI | (307) 840-4399 |

March 2016

Gallant Gardens is a small, mixed vegetable farm. Operated by a husband and wife duo, the farm recently moved from the state of Wyoming to Charlevoix, MI. They offer a small CSA program, cater to restaurants, attend farmer’s markets and sell directly to customers. Their main crops include lettuces, tomatoes, beets, peppers, carrots, broccoli, herbs, cabbage, and peas. They also bake fresh bread. Their old logo worked well for their farm in Wyoming, but did not for the new location. Shelley and Nate Cole hired me to design their farms new and handmade logo. The illustration was created using ink and colored pencil.

gallant gardens rough draft logo gallant gardens penned logo.jpeg gallant gardens final logo 1gallant gardens final logo 2