Food Styling


fruit tea towel set up

Food Styling by Krista Pischner of Grand Rapids, MIPhotos by Dime & Regal of Grand Rapids, MI

May 2016

When I started to cook beside my mom is when I became attracted to how food looks, feels and tastes. Making my grandma’s banana chocolate chip muffin recipe was just as exciting as eating the muffins! I liked the measuring, stirring, heating up the oven, licking the spatulas, and watching the muffin tops turn a golden brown in just minutes. How food looks, feels and tastes has become more and more fascinating to me as I cook for myself, wanting to try new flavors, new recipes. In May I printed a few of my illustrations on tea towels, aprons and coffee mugs and thought it would be fun to display these products along side beautiful food. I chose foods with attractive colors, like lemons, limes, carrots and tomatoes.

fruit tea towel 2

fruit tea towel 1

veggie tea towel 1



veggie apron 1

fruit apron 1

coffee mugs 2

coffee mugs 1