Aquinas College – Grand Rapids, MI

December 2014

Birds are a metaphor for hope; in that they stay, go, get lost, find their way, and seek protection and comfort. Being hopeful is a complex concept, it means something different to everyone. To some there is hope, to some there is no hope. Hope to me is seeking something hard to reach, but reaching for it anyway. Sometimes we get lost; we can use our sense of direction to guide us and find our way. Sometimes we feel unsafe; we always have our home, providing protection, comfort, and support. Sometimes we’re afraid to go, I always hope to fly.

My inspiration for this piece came from the Japanese culture. In the Japanese culture, the crane is a symbol of long-life as Japanese folklore believe the crane to live for 1,000 years. In Fly, the origami birds are made of dozens of maps from around the world. The idea being that these birds are carrying their direction and guidance while experiencing the world.